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The following pages are dedicated to our members.
Here we share news about events at Mid-Cheshire Mind
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"The Garden Party by Helen......."

Mid Cheshire MIND Garden Party

I arrived a little late,

I asked my sister Diane to fill in for me.

Carol and many came,

Oh, what a treat for us again to meet.


Outside in the garden Ricky,

Also Carol putting the plants out in the red hot sun.

We all helped each other.

Oh so glad Laura came with her mum and little girl, with so many curls.


Then the nice people came round to see what good things could be found,

There were gingerbread men standing tall ,

waiting for some eyes with colour,

So that they could see what was going on.


Then there were lucky dips;

Gill was busy, with all the children round her.

Then there was the tombola; our friend had worked hard putting it all together.

Children’s hands in the lucky dips, finding out what they had discovered,

bubbles everywhere, blowing.


People had a go to name the teddy bear; it was Pebbles the name;

was Dot who won.

Everyone said “Oh, how nice” that the sun stayed out all day.

Then ‘guess the sweets in the jar’ and candyfloss and popcorn,

the children most of all

Then Jenny’s mum won the sweets in the jar,

Oh how nice, she guessed the nearest by far, good for her!


Time for the Puppet Show for the little children;

Peter, Sue and Gill gave a great show,

The children clapped their hands and waved to them.

Dave, he made the puppet theatre with great care.

Well done to them all,

The little children loved it all.


Also, the nearly-new stall,

Sue and Peter looked after it.

All children’s toys and smellies to buy;

Ear-rings and hats and gifts to buy and bric-a-brac

Such good things you would not think to buy yourself!


In the kitchen, Beryl was in there with Jenny,

hot dogs and burgers for everyone.

Oh God bless them, in the hot sun.


Cakes for all; different ones

Some nice scones

Made by one and all, except me

I like to taste them, one two or three

Looking nice with the cooled ice

For people to buy and try


It was such a wonderful day for us all.

Then it was time for the draw;

Wine and chocolate, smelly stuff to win.

Carol, our friend, won something.

They said to me they had such fun; let them know when we have another one!


Well, everybody worked so hard,

Everything went really well,

So thank you everybody who came and those who helped,

God bless us for Winsford MIND,

Also, the staff who gave up their free time



"My Story..."

The motivation behind Miles for Mind and our mission to raise funds and
increase awareness of Mind and the good work they do is My Story.

Please read on to understand why we are doing this event and others to come.

My Story, I'm telling you this in hope that more people will talk about mental health and dismiss the taboo that surrounds it and hopefully save lives so that my Mum did not die in vain.

Sadly I recently attended the Coroner's inquest into my Mum's death where suicide verdict was recorded - we already knew this. After suffering pretty much most of her life with physical and mental illnesses and after a few attempts she tragically took her own life in January.

Unfortunately I struggled with my Mum's mental illness which resulted in me not wanting to know, or more to the fact, know how to deal with it so I pretended it did not exist. I also didn't want to discuss it with her. This may sound cold hearted but I guess I was embarrassed about it probably because society had taught me it was a taboo subject (I'm glad to say this is no longer the case).

I now will live with the guilt of knowing I wasn't there for my Mum when she needed me most when she entered into one of her dark tunnels. I often ask myself if I'd asked for help, advice or talked to others going through the same thing would she still be here.

As a person who looks to the future I know there is nothing I can do about the past, so I wanted to do something that through my tragic loss might result in somebody else's family member being helped! There is advice out there through many charities like Mind but you have to want to ask for HELP and ADVICE. It's not a taboo illness (subject) as I am now discovering and there's so many people out there suffering in silence.

It does not matter whether you have a mental illness or like me you have a family member or friend who suffers - PLEASE PLEASE ask for help and advice, and learn to talk about mental health by helping to spread the word. IT'S TIME TO TALK and definitely TIME TO CHANGE !! X


"We talk ourselves better ....."

I've been going to Mid-Cheshire Mind for quite a while, where I can chat and relax awhile.

It is a place that has helped me with my many fears, also where I have been able to shed my tears without being embarrassed about, where people don’t make fun of me or say O’ pull your socks up or pull your self together.

I've made lots of friends there, who always have a kind word to say, understanding.
We all care for each other, as we sit in our chairs with our cup of tea, which does not taste like any other, or we have anywhere else,
it will be the best cup of tea we have of the day to help us smile, whatever comes our way.

Beryl & Sharon are our friends always there helping us all out, so very understanding in everyway, no matter how they are feeling themselves that day.

The doctors are all very good to us, but it’s the Mind Group where I like to be.

We all support each other as best we can, as we all have our crosses to bear in life, Just like our mum’s and dad’s.
But we are lucky we have got the Mind Group to go when we feel down & low.

So thank you Beryl and Sharon for helping us all & me.

It's always been a life saver for me.

...Poem and artwork by Helen

In My Mind

When my mind is like a battleground
When my thoughts bombard from all around
When I need some space or a listening ear
To rationalize a nagging fear
Or just sit quiet with a cup of tea
The Mind of Winsford is there for me

I'm respected and worth something to those at Mind
And the friends I've made there are nothing but kind
It's a place of safety, a haven, oasis
The first port of call in a time of crisis
There is always time to sit and discuss
A worry or problem with minimal fuss
It carves routine and maps out my day
It’s my rock and protector when moods start to sway

At Mind I’m shown unconditional love
It’s the one place I feel I’m understood
So thank you to staff also to friends
For giving me hope and helping me mend

... By Gill

Mid-Cheshire Mind is like a life saver to me in many different ways. It has kept me out of hospital, given me a place I can relax in and share my problems with staff and other members. Sometimes if I feel like life is not worth living I can go in and come out feeling a big lump has left me.

We all help each other like an extended family. Over the past year I have gained enough confidence to go to college, help in a local charity shop and fund raise for a school in Kenya. Mind has given me the confidence to help others like it helps me.

Volunteers are also important to us as they help the staff and members run the centre.

Fundraising is an important part of the member’s role and we all enjoy these events which help keep running our centre.

Mid-Cheshire Mind member

I have been a member of Mid-Cheshire Mind for the last five years. During this time I have made a lot of good friends.

I enjoy the trips that staff organise and I also enjoy bingo which is held fortnightly at the centre.

We have various activities on the run up to Christmas, which is great especially if you are on your own and dont have a family.

The atmosphere at the centre is warm and welcoming and there is always somebody to talk to.

Mid-Cheshire Mind Member

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